Our philosophy

This design company is built upon these operational and design principles.

A site that’s easy for you to update.

A good site is often a current site, and certainly a correct site. Visitors that can see the site hasn’t been touch in five years will be for less impressed than seeing a site that is clearly updated by the owner regularly. You may want change some of the content on your site without having to speak to the designer. We design sites using a content management system that is nearly as easy to use Microsoft Word. If you’ve got reasonable computer skills, after a demo and tutorials provided by us you’ll have no problem creating a news story, adding another product to the store, changing contact details, putting more photos online etc. Each site is tailored to the client’s needs and so is the support/training. (If required or desired computer training can also be provided).

Bespoke design – different as you want it.

With over 200,000,000 websites on the net you probably won’t be surprised to learn that many use the same templates, colours, fonts, images etc. Do it yourself sites also run the risk of falling into the ‘I’ve seen that before’ trap. Choosing us to design your site will ensure it’ll look as you want it too; and be unique because we wouldn’t be doing a good job if it wasn’t.

Modern techniques

Our sites are built using the latest techniques to produce streamlined compatible and compliant code. Older web browsers will still be supported and more importantly new devices (tablets, phones, eBook readerss etc) will reproduce each page quickly and successfully.


Our websites can be tuned to respond to different screens. Want your website to look good and easy to read on a desktop monitor, tablet and phone? A page designed for a 22in monitor doesn’t really play out well on the screen of your phone. Following the ‘responsive design’ mantra will mean that your site will scale down to fit the size of the screen it’s being viewed on, so for example, the size of the text on a phone will be readable without forcing the user to zoom in.

Search engine optimised

Anyone promising they’ll ‘get you to number one on Google’ should be treated with caution. SEO is hard to do, but we’re pretty good at it. During the design stages of every website search engines are considered – rather than as an afterthought. This together researching the client’s target audience and (other things) means our sites rank well in search engines.

Fits your brand

You’ll want the site’s design to fit in with existing stationary and themes and of course this is possible. Just give us some designs to copy from. If you have digital versions, this is perfect, and print only versions can be used too. Alternatively, you may not have a brand or wish to have a differently/new theme for the website and we can provide this too.

Accessible and compliant

To the average user this means little (“as long as the page looks good”) but websites should be made in line with the way technologies supporting them were designed. Sites need to be accessible to a wide range of users. As well as being a legal responsibility, search engines will find our sites easy to read and the sites can be navigated on as many devices as possible. We design to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards.

Anticipating your future

Aside from the owner changing the content of pages on the site, we design in such a way that another designer or developer could easily update the design without having to waste time dealing with messy, unorganised code. You’ll have access to the code we create for you, as we feel that’s part of what you’re paying for. You’ll also have the copyright and backup copies.

Social media integration

Doing well online is about far more than just having just a website. With so many people using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social sites it’s important to use these to your advantage. All websites have a online message form that forwards to a desired email address and our sites can also be aligned with your social networks. We can also design your social sites to fit in with the website creating a wide streamlined online identity.

Graphics and photos

The site can be colourful and beautiful. We use photos and images that are optimised for size. They also don’t infringe on copyrights so you don’t have to worry about that. We don’t develop in Adobe Flash because it is unsupported on mobile devices (the fastest growing website access platform) so you’re site will look good and function perfectly on iDevices.