Welcome to Nisect Website Design and Development

Not just another website making company – we’re one that you’ll enjoy working with and the results even more.

In brief, our operational and design principles are:

  • Bespoke design as you want it.
  • Easy for you to update yourself.
  • Fit your brand or make a new one.
  • Modern designs and techniques.
  • Websites that work on phones, tablets and computers.
  • Accessible and standards compliant.
  • Graphics and photos edited to make the site look great.
  • No adobe flash – not supported by Apple.
  • Email and tools set-up for you, on your computer.
  • All access details you need provided.
  • Backups of the site should the worst happen.

We specialise in small to medium sized businesses because that is what we know and can best provide for. Our resources won’t be spread too thinly so we can provide the support needed quickly and without issue. Having said that, some of the site we’re making are of international companies with many big clients.

Creating a site usually starts with a phone call, then we’ll have a meeting to discuss more. After that we’ll work on an initial design while you arrange content as necessary. The client is involved throughout the design process as the site is reviewed and altered to ensure both parties are happy. When the final design including content is decided upon the site will go live with final tweaking and testing.

Our prices start from £300 for a basic site. This will include all the design and configuration needed to get you online. For added features to make your site stand out from the crowd, be easy to update or for a whole online identity package etc the price increases. Our prices are reasonable – no client has been unimpressed or not felt value for money so far.

We’re based in Horncastle Lincolnshire and our clients based locally and far away. We’ve designed websites for companies in Horncastle, Skegness, Louth and London and have future design projects in Sheffield, Newcastle and London

Here are some of the types of business we’ve made websites for so far:

  • Sports coaching
  • Pest control
  • Computer repair
  • Exclusive nightclub/bar VIP promotion
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Online computer shop (in development)
  • Holistic therapy (in development)
  • Top secret company (in development)
  • Home carers (in development)

We’re busy, but well managed and always looking to discuss a new project. If you would like to get in touch just call 01507-622357 or 07552-380585, email websites@projectc.at or use our free quote call back you’ll find throughout this site.

Thanks for visiting.